M-EcoGreen furniture and decorations rental


Does the equipment you need far exceed your budget? Do you need equipment only for certain periods or only for one event? Do you have other priority expenses? Regardless of which of these situations you are in, the M-EcoGreen rental service provides you with a fast and convenient solution!

Thus, you can freely enjoy the desired equipment, use it whenever you need, test several options, and if you decide that any of the variants used is right for you, you always have the opportunity to make a smart purchase!


The products can be checked on delivery only if the package opening option has been chosen beforehand.
Both in Bucharest and in the country, the shipping fee for large products will be automatically added to the shopping cart.
The products are delivered to the front of the house / block building. The customer has the obligation to ensure that, on the date of delivery, there are persons designated to receive the products.

To ship the products abroad, please contact us at the e-mail address: or at no. of tel. +40.764.192.823 to inform you about delivery rates depending on the destination country, these rates being different from one country to another.

Valid for renting products.

Picking up / returning the product and completing the steps in the rental procedure (eg signing a contract, delivery-receipt report, etc.) can only be done in the presence of an M-EcoGreen consultant.

Registering the order involves several steps:

 1. Log in to your M-EcoGreen customer account

If you have previously rented products, your account already exists created in the new site (you only have to log in by clicking on the button “You have lost your password” in the LOGIN / REGISTER form.

If you have not rented from us yet, you will need to create a new account using the REGISTRATION option.

 2. Go to the categories on the site and find the product you want.
 3. Book the product for the desired period, using the special calendar (the price will be calculated automatically for the selected period) and press the BOOK NOW button

If you want to reserve more products, repeat the operation for each of them.

 4. Complete the order from the cart, filling in all the necessary information.

If you want to send us certain comments related to the order, you can do it by filling in the special field in Checkout

 5. If you have a discount code you can use it in the special section of the cart.
 6. After completing the order, it is checked and as soon as possible we will send you a confirmation if everything is fine.

CAREFUL! The reservation of the products is valid only after you receive confirmation from us.

 7. On the scheduled day and time we are waiting for you in the showroom with the original bulletin and the signed documents (contract, minutes, etc.) to pick up the products, or depending on the prior arrangement, we will send them by express courier to the established address or our team.

All that remains from now on is to use with pleasure and increase the desired furniture or decorations!